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​If you’ve ever wondered what sitting on a health care board entails, how much time you need to commit to board activities, or how incredibly rewarding and meaningful it is to give back to your community by serving on a health care board as you and your peers change the way health care is delivered in Ontario, Join a Board is the place to find those answers.

View our video series featuring actual board members who provide compelling information about what it’s truly like to sit on a health care board:

Demystifying Governance

This video covers the basics of health care governance and answers questions such as: What is health care governance? What does it mean to serve on a board? What are the expectations? What is the role of a board? What are the duties and responsibilities of a board? What is unique about serving on a health care board vs a non-health care board?


Joining a Board: Advice and Expectations

This video goes a step further and describes some of the standard expectations of a health care board member. It provides examples of some of the opportunities and challenges one could potentially face and also includes some personal advice for new comers.



Why I Serve

This video is a collection of personal stories/perspectives of why current board members of health care organization choose to serve. Why they volunteer their free time to this cause. Why they continue to serve for multiple years. What motivates them to continuously serve our health care community.



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